"The Heat" is back! Listen every Tuesday at 10:15am to WOMT - 1240 radio to hear Smokey Barbier Heating, Inc. technicians and installers discuss the key factors of the heating, cooling and ventilation in your home.

10/2/18: Kory informed the listeners of the history of Smokey Barbier Heating, Inc. and what we can do for you! He also explained what being a Factory Authorized Dealer (FAD) means to you as a customer.  If you missed it, you can hear it here: https://cl.ly/f6926595cfc7

10/9/19: Kory shared the importance of your thermostat (wall control).  With daylight savings time approaching next month, it is important to make sure that you change the time on your thermostat, unless you have a smart (wireless) thermostat that will recognize the time change. Also, remember to change not only your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries every year, but also your thermostat batteries!  Kory also discussed how wall controls can be linked to our Dealer Portal in order to receive updates on faulty equipment, filter changes and the annual maintenance.  Click here to listen: https://cl.ly/9e5a01258ea5

10/16/18: Kory touched on the importance of regular furnace maintenance. It's important for a certified HVAC technician to service your equipment annually for system efficiency and effectiveness and for safety reasons. With having NATE certified technicians here at Smokey Barbier Heating, Inc., you can be reassured that we will take the best care of your equipment to keep you comfortable all year long!  https://cl.ly/345911e9bc54

10/23/18: Kory discussed the importance of changing the filters on your equipment on a regular basis to keep it in working condition. Take a listen as Kory explains the difference in filters and what one may be the best for your home's healthy air circulation: https://cl.ly/0b6ad39fd347

10/30/18: Kory explains to listeners how humidification plays an important roll in your home comfort.

12/4/18: Kory took us back to the basics on a furnace. He described the venting differences with various efficient forced air furnaces and what questions a homeowner should be prepared to answer when looking at replacing his/her furnace. Take a moment to hear a quick overview!

12/11/18: Kory discussed the basics of a boiler. Boilers are really becoming more efficient these days and not only can keep your house warm for use of space heating, but can also serve as your domestic hot water heater. Zoning with a boiler is also available and recommended. Take a listen to Kory and Terry discuss these topics: https://cl.ly/59e15eda7d7d

12/18/18: Are you still looking for a gift for that special someone this holiday season? Why not give them the gift of comfort and lower heating bills? An Evergreen motor will do just that! Kory discusses the benefits of using one of these high-efficient motors on a furnace in this week's episode of The Heat. Take a listen if you didn't get a chance to tune in this morning: https://cl.ly/8d123197deee

2/5/19: Hear about indoor air pollution and how you can clean the air in your home for a healthier living space. The professionally-installed Aprilaire 5000 air purifier will help clean and polish the air, get rid of up to 98% of airborne bacteria or fungus and up to 98% of pet dander or dust, that can trigger asthma. Also, Kory discusses the difference in this air purifier and a high-efficient furnace filter in this episode of "The Heat". Take a listen: https://cl.ly/de911411a264

2/12/19: Kory and Jim discussed what an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator; aka a Whole Home Ventilation System) will do for your home in regards to air exchange. This unit will provide a balanced supply of fresh air into your home's structure, allowing for protection of your woodwork, decreased moisture on the windows and also decreased mold spore growth in your home. Take a listen for more in-depth information on this product: https://cl.ly/795f520860b2

2/19/19: Kory and Jim talked about how a Reznor or Modine unit heater can help keep your garage toasty warm during these cold days. These ceiling-mounted heaters can be vented multiple ways and take only one day to professionally install. You can hear more information on these units by clicking the following link: https://cl.ly/64a719ff8306

2/26/19: Kory discussed how an Empire space heater can take care of the chill and make your living space more comfortable as we prepare for Spring. This floor-mounted space heater is a permanent solution for heating a specific space in your home and can be vented two different ways. Take a listen to exactly how this heater can be used in your home: https://cl.ly/128dc7746c4c

3/5/19: Kory explained the different trainings and certifications that our technicians and installers go through in order to make our company a Factory Authorized Dealer (FAD) and to be certified to do the work that we do. Take a listen: https://cl.ly/a662cfc47d07

3/12/19: Kory touched base on what your furnace filter can tell you about your system and home air quality. If you filter is hard to pull out when changing, there can be issues with your air flow, as the filter could be getting sucked into the furnace cavity.  Filters can tell you a lot about what the air is like in your home by their color. The 3 major colors that our technicians often see are grey, white and black.  Take a minute to hear about what these colors mean and more: https://cl.ly/e6addfc5b248

3/19/19: Kory informed listeners on how a Honeywell water sensor can protect your floors or from water damage due to leaky water heaters, ice machines, refrigerators, furnaces, etc. Take a listen now on how this water sensor performs: https://cl.ly/15ece74a0bdd

3/26/19: Kory touched base on the basics and importance of the heat exchanger on a forced air furnace and what potential hazards it can cause when damaged. https://cl.ly/8aae6bc24a22

4/2/19: Kory discussed how the old R22 (freon) air conditioner refrigerant has been replaced with R410A (puron) to meet Environmental Protection Agency codes. Take a listen as to why the R22 is being replaced by new refrigerant: https://cl.ly/ec58f76dedfa

4/9/19: Kory continues the discussion on the R22 refrigerant phase-out and what options customers have when they have issues with their A/C unit that uses this type of refrigerant. Take a listen as to what the options are: https://cl.ly/50063d7859b8

4/16/19: Kory explained what the A/C unit consists of for components and how the A/C unit really works to help keep you cool. He also explained why keeping the area clean around the outside condenser is important for it's operation. Take a listen: https://cl.ly/4877dfa40088

4/23/19: Kory explained the different types of A/C units that we install here at Smokey Barbier Heating, Inc., whether it is the common split system or an air handling system or ductless (mini) split system. If you missed the live discussion, here is the link to listen now: https://cl.ly/f87e9bda722d

4/30/19: Kory talked about the importance of having annual maintenance done on your air conditioner and exactly what our technicians all do on these cleanings. He also explained why it is best to have a 60+ degree day when getting these clean & checks done.  Click on the following link to hear what work is performed on your A/C unit when we send our service technician: https://cl.ly/30ea5db9fe79

5/7/19: Kory explained the importance of having your air conditioner maintained by a HVAC professional after a long winter. He also explained what our technician will do when he comes to maintain your A/C unit. Take a listen: https://cl.ly/14b54ccb4498

5/14/19: This morning's topic on "The Heat" was WI Focus on Energy and how a new HVAC system & accessories can save you money both on your electricity and gas bills, as well as add a little extra spending money to your pocket in the weeks following the install: https://cl.ly/e31f2df8e36f

5/21/19: Kory discussed what AHRI determines as a "matching system" in order to receive Focus on Energy (FOE) mail-in rebates this morning on "The Heat". The main goal of FOE is to decrease the amount of energy used to run your HVAC equipment and appliances, and therefore they will give you incentives for purchasing and installing energy-efficient equipment.

FOE offers standard incentives (Tier 1) regardless of income.
* The rebate for a smart thermostat is $75.00.
* The rebate for a 95%+ efficient furnace is $125.00.
* The rebate for a 95%+ efficient furnace with a matching 16+ SEER rated A/C unit is $250.00.
* The rebate for a 95%+ efficient furnace with a matching 16+ SEER rated A/C unit and smart thermostat is $375.00.

However, if your household income is at or below the amounts on the table below, you may qualify for higher incentives (Tier 2). To qualify for this higher incentive (up to $875.00!), an Income Eligibility Application must be completed prior to installation. Find it at www.focusonenergy.com/residentialapps, along with the Heating & Cooling Application.

Household size Gross Annual Income Gross 3-Mth Income
1 $36,640 $9,160
2 $47,913 $11,978
3 $59,188 $14,797
4 $70,461 $17,615
5 $81,734 $20,433

Hear this discussion between Kory and Jim by clicking on the following link: https://cl.ly/0c662a2e9656

5/28/19: Kory explains whats all involved in the process of installing a new A/C unit, from the service call/estimate to the start-up of the unit itself after install. Take a listen: https://cl.ly/7a5513d22900.

6/4/19: Kory explained a little about our company; how long we have been around, what we can do for your home, schooling, etc. He also talked about how far the HVAC industry has come in regards to technology. Take a listen:https://cl.ly/512b4df5213a

6/11/19: Kory discussed what you, as a homeowner, can do to make sure that your A/C unit continues to operate properly or run more efficiently. Listen here: https://cl.ly/711633d0d30e

6/18/19: Kory explained why your system may have a moldy or musty smell during the first few weeks after the A/C is first turned on. Luckily, we are able to help take care of that stinky smell for you! Take a listen: https://cl.ly/3299ee29dd5f

6/25/19: Kory expanded on the moisture that you may see around your HVAC unit. He discussed where the water may be coming from and what can be done to prevent this from happening again! Take a listen: https://cl.ly/57d748f0372e

7/2/19: Kory explained the Bryant Evolution System that we have been offering for roughly the past 6 years. There is a communication feature built into an Evolution System, allowing the heating and cooling units to "talk" to each other, as well as the wall control (thermostat). This system will know to contact both you and Smokey Barbier Heating, Inc. when there is an issue with your system through the wall control and dealer portal.  Installing a Bryant Evolution System is a great way to save you money in the long run due to it's communication feature and energy efficiency. There are also come safety features on these Evolution models to help protect your investment and keep you comfortable for years to come!  Take a listen: https://cl.ly/2bcdfadd2bb5

7/9/19: On "The Heat" this morning, 2-stage & multi-stage A/C units were the topics of discussion. These types of units can match the demand of the day in order to keep you comfortable, as well as keep the sound level at a minimum. Take a listen for further information on how these units perform: https://cl.ly/49ba4eae11a7

7/16/19: Kory discussed the common issues for why your A/C unit would break down on "The Heat" this morning. It could be something as simple as an inexpensive capacitor to something as complex as a super-expensive compressor. Click on the link to hear more about how that outdoor A/C unit really functions: https://cl.ly/80b32b2f8d33